So, let me see if I’m a little close.

You wouldn’t exactly call parenting easy, right? It sounded easy when you read what to expect during your pregnancy and did those Lamaze classes … but you have basically added a round the clock full time job to your already busy life.

Some elders told you parenting was a full time job, but they didn’t make you believe it.

You do care about the child you have, and you do care about creating a happy, harmonious existence for your child.

You put them in extracurricular activities, take them to the park, make sure they are being educated. You wouldn’t let them outside in the winter without a coat while running with scissors.

You just thought that you would make a better existence for your family and that it would be a piece of cake with plenty of happy smoothly running family serenity every day, and…

It never happens.

Stress with your child. Stress with your mate. Stress with life coming at you fast. Heck, stress from yourself to yourself!

In the great cacophony we call life as a human, you go unnoticed, unappreciated, and unloved.

Not because you don’t try, but because life is complicated and you’re doing the best that you can.

You feel some days like, “I just have to get through this day and tomorrow will be better” but your brain is thinking, “Am I doing everything right for my child? Is this the best route for them? Do MORE!”

There is too much to get done in a day at standards that you want to achieve. It all piles up in one big laundry basket of hopes, dreams, to-do lists, goals and desires.

Your resolve wears down and your hopes and dreams grow moldy in the basket, almost like you never had great plans for being a terrific family unit at all.

And it’s starting to make me feel overwhelmed.

The world offers so little information about how to parent or what effective parenting looks like.

Here you are, an intelligent, caring parent trying to make a difference for your child, to give them an advantage, and you are frustrated that you can’t figure it out like you did your cell phone.

There’s just no parenting manual or conversations for parents like you who do care and want to know how to do it all in a quickly changing world.

It’s wrong.

And after years of learning in the field, observing from the sidelines, dealing with thousands of parents and children, studying spirituality for decades, I’ve finally decided to do something about it:

I want to teach you everything I know about being the best parent, best adult, best living-up-to-your-potential person, enjoying your work and your kids and I want to anchor it all spiritually so that you aren’t running around unfulfilled and joyless while you’re getting back on the track you want.

Yep. Everything.

I started Parent Pep Talk to teach you how to heal the stuff that holds you back and get the flow going again in your dream life, deal with your mate effectively especially when they are opposite of you and your goals, and become a highly effective parent who is liberated from the common toils of parenting — everything you need to get the respect and cooperation you deserve and teach that to your child.

By the time we’re done, you will understand how a connection to a Higher Power is everything (I’m not talking religion here; just for you). Without it you will feel dis-ease, anxious, stuck, unfulfilled and overwhelmed.

You’ll become a stand out example, reinforced with parenting know-how, strengthened from within with your ultimate intelligence, sending negative ways scampering by the thousands as you claim your rightful spot at the top of the living-your-ideal life mountain.

I’ll train you. And not to be arrogant, but this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life — helping you.

Hello, my name is Christine Rich Hanson.

The first thing you should know about me is that I have been given the following titles:

Child Whisperer ~ Parent Liberator

Family Repair Specialist ~ Coach

In regards to Parent Liberator I can’t liberate you from jail, but I can liberate you from parental missteps.

As a parent you deal with work, your mate, your family. I can liberate you from things you do or don’t do that keep you stuck. I had to figure out how to do this myself.

Here’s a link to one of my bios: www.ChristineRichHanson.com which talks about my acting career, product invention, US Patents, being on TV, etc.

I am a successful business owner, choreographer and dance teacher. Next is a link to my dance career biography: http://www.christinerichstudio.com/studio/studiodirector.php

Secretly for all of those years, I studied spiritually with two amazing teachers.

Now I can merge all of those years of unique experiences into helping you today and it all makes sense.

    • The acting allows me to do videos for you so you can see me.
    • The dance business has allowed me to work closely with the same families for years helping them with private situations.
    • The product invention taught me how to get provable results that help others.
    • I have my own child and a grandchild and in many ways I have been a part of parenting thousands of children over the years.
    • I’ve had two marriages that have taught me many, many things.
    • My teaching has developed my ability to find one hundred different ways to get someone to understand a topic.
    • Family Repair coaching has helped me get to this online point of helping you.
    • The spiritual study – I healed enough and connected enough to walk the talk.

I feel blessed every day.

I used to want to feel that way every day, couldn’t; now I do.

Perhaps because of that, I want to serve those who like me suffered from weak connection to their Spirit. When that connection lacks, so does everything else in our life. Everything.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

The really cool part?

When we get that idea of Connection (that capitol “C” is a nod to God; I use the word God for the synonym for Supreme Being) and start to heal the human baggage you’ve had to carry, you become simply terrific. You will feel giddy with joy as the idea of Connection moves to the Connection that you feel beyond your five senses.

And you become a cool person to know. And that’s what your children will think.

And a person that others say, “They’ve got something special. They inspire me.”

We’re going to turn you into an all-around fantastic person because the happy mom or dad is the confident, capable parent to their child.

I know what it’s like to be frustrated on every level. I wanted to understand things and improve and figure life out so I could get ahead and not struggle, struggle, struggle.

The same thing happens every day. You’re frustrated, not because you lack smarts or experience or slivers of hope, but because you don’t know the only steps that make the difference.

The truth though?

You can get all of this just like any person who experiences success.

You are capable of change.

It is not too late. In fact if you are reading this right now, it is proof that this is the perfect time.

The only thing holding you back is a lack of proper information, consistency, and resolve to keep changing.

But that stops right now.

You and me, we’re going to turn it around. Together.

All you have to do is subscribe, and let me teach you what I know with videos, written information and group calls. Take what works for you.

Every day I am “Coaching Parents To Small Success That Add Up Big.”

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