You would be hard pressed to say that parenting is stress-free, right?

It sounded easy because let’s face it, people all over the world become parents.

But now that you are doing it, wow, so many decisions to make for your child and you have added the round-the-clock job of raising children on top of your always busy life.

Frustrations happen every day. And you end up feeling a little bit more confused, a little less respected, stressed and unsure.

You want an improvement, but that overriding thought pops up: “nothing works, nothing lasts.” But that stops now.

You and me, we’re going to turn it around. Together.

With a little spiritual awakening and some uncommon insight you can raise a child and feel love and respect in the process.

From the depths of you, we will work together to do two things:

  • Raise that spiritual part of you up, and

  • Detoxify you from the emotional sabotage thrust upon you at an early age.

And that’s why nothing has ever worked. It wasn’t coming from a spiritual connection and it didn’t address the emotional wounds. We have to heal both at the same time.

When we work together with small spiritual successes, you will RADICALLY improve unlike anyone around you and:

  • Peace, clarity, and aliveness will fill you

  • All family and life stress and strain will melt away

  • You will raise your child better than you could ever conceive

You want to heal yourself, you’ve thought about it, you’re tired of the pain, and you have figured out or strongly suspect that having spirituality in your daily life is the real deal.

I’m here to help you with just that.

In fact if you don’t think you have a fair amount of pain and confusion from your own childhood – I’m not the helper for you.

Or if you think you need no improvement – I’m not the person for you.

If you even have an inkling that awakening your spiritual center will enhance your life and everyone around you, this is the place for you!

What if, through the use of different tools, your life feels effortless? We can do that!

Parent Pep Talk focuses on Spirituality Parenting, and the whole parent including any of the issues that cause pain in a parent.

Heal and Connect. Do those two things and everything in your life works. Everything.

You may feel too overwhelmed currently to even take the action of joining me. You simply need someone in your corner. I have been there, I can help.

Click on the magenta pink box to the right and we can start. It will take you to a page with gifts such as:

  • Informative Videos of Real Parents With Real Issues being coached (valued at $600 and free when you join):

  • What should you do when you feel you get no-to-little support from your mate and you feel like you get no “me time”?

  • What should you do when your mate has a different parenting style and it causes you and your child upset?

  • Watch how these conflicts are resolved harmoniously through coaching with action steps that you can use immediately.

  • You can benefit from these $600 videos which are my gift to you for joining me at ParentPepTalk. No strings. Just an initial way to say thank you for wanting to help yourself and your family.

    Let’s get you over there right now. Click here.

    I’m truly excited to help you. We can get this turned around for you.

    See you there!

    All Love,